Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor’s Jeanne Jugan Residence in Newark, Delaware provides care and comfort for many or our local elderly.  Due to their need of funds for replacement windows and lighting, upgraded heating and many other improvements, the Jeanne Jugan Residence is currently amidst their Share the Care Campaign.  The annual 2010 awards dinner was held May 20th to help raise funds for this campaign. 
Mark Christian opened the ceremony by thanking everyone for their donations.  A silent auction was held to help raise funds.  Some items that were auctioned off included jewelry, a coin collection, an American flag, gift baskets and other items.  The night was a success due to all involved including those donating their services for the evening.  The Doberstein Admissions & Classroom Center was donated for the location of the event by Wilmington University.  The entertainment was provided by Sean Reilly “Sinata.”  Karl Richeson Photography volunteered to photograph the event for Little Sisters of the Poor.  Of the awards given, the “Share the Care Award” went to Charles Mealey Jr. of Mealey Funeral Homes.